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Fästpunkt 9
Dye and print


Magic might happen in the dyebath when you mix colours with eachother. I dye in every existing dyeing method: reactive, acid, vat dye and direct dye, depending on the material and what it is to be used for. I also do handprinted textiles for different use. To see examples of print for the stage, please look at Theatre – Patina.


2018 I went to Paris for a study visit to Opéra Comique, where they since 2012 have dyed some productions with natural dyes. This captured my interest: a new angle to the whole thing of dyeing costumes. I have been lucky enough to take two courses with the famous Michel Garcia in the subject. I do my own experiments in the workshop at Konstfack.


Natural dyes decoct indigo to get Maya Blue

Decoct indigo_edited.jpg
Fästpunkt 1
Handprint for Dido.jpg

Handprint Dido - Apelmo Musik och teater

Handprint Dido forest kopiera.jpg

Handprint Dido, forest

Fästpunkt 2
Natural dyes Konstfack 2018.JPG

Course in natural dyepowder Konstfack June 2018

Natural dyes course for proffessionals 2018.JPG

Course in dyeing with plant-dyepowder for professional dyers

Fästpunkt 3
Pall zoom2.jpg

Pall close-up I

Pall zoom.jpg

Pall close-up II

Pall_dyeing_Bårtäcke färgning.JPG

Dye for a Pall

Pall_in use.jpg

Pall in use I  – depicting the sea, green pastures, and at the head of the coffin a sunrise

Fästpunkt 4
Handprint expo.jpg

Handprint rollup 

Tryout natural prints_edited.jpg
Fästpunkt 5

A first tryout on printing with natural colours,

steamed iron mordant in the bottom

Digital pattern 2 Lisa kopiera.jpg

Digital pattern from a photo with the cat Lisa – project during the pandemic 

Fästpunkt 6
Kattpåse liten kopiera_edited.jpg
Fästpunkt 7
Blue bedspread.jpg
Blue bedspread.jpg

Handprinted blue bedspread for an exhibition

Patina advertising for Woodline_20163.jpg
Patina advertising for Woodline_2016.jpg
Patina advertising for Woodline_20162.jpg
Fästpunkt 8

Commercial patina for the outdoor clothing company Woodline

Fästpunkt 10
Sjal s_m och indigo kopiera_edited.jpg

Dye shawl indigo

Decoct Cochenille_edited.jpg
Dye shawl, wool and silk_edited.jpg

Dye shawl, wool and silk

Natural dyes decoct on cochenille

Fästpunkt 11
Michel Garcia course on zoom spring 2021.HEIC

Tutorial online with Michel Garcia on natural dyes

Dye with natural dyepowder three colours mixed

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