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Helena Henning


is a designer and artist, with many years of professional experience in theater costume, textile design and education. I hold a Master’s degree in Design (MFA) at the University of Design and Crafts (HDK) in Gothenburg, with additions in art-and adult pedagogy.


Telephone: +4673-9233446 

Email: helenahenningdesign(at)



Work Experience

June 2022 - ongoing 

HDK-Valand Göteborgs University


Technician in the textile print and dye studios at HDK-Valand, Göteborgs University

March 2014 – June 2022

Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts (Stockholm)


Lecturer and tutor in textile craft. My main field at Konstfack was dyeing, patina and color theory. I was the course responsible for my courses as well as responsible for the dye lab and the chemistry registration in KLARA. During my years at Konstfack I improved the safety work both for the students and the environment and, most of all, I developed my teaching. I wrote my own course compendiums on dyeing and patina. 

January 2010 – ongoing


I run my own business where I take dye-and patina assignments in theater productions. I also hold courses in art, and I design and sell figures for family therapy.


1992 – 2008

Högskolan för Scen och Musik, Angereds teater, Bohusläns Teater, Apelmo musik och teater, Cinnober teater 

Costume design for small and big theatres fourteen times, including five set designs. To work “on stage” developed my professional artistic eye. I also learned how to write a budget and stick to it. I have become good at finding solutions to obstacles and problems. In my work I have benefited greatly from my design training and the methodology it taught me.


1999 – ongoing

GöteborgsOperan, Göteborgs stadsteater, Backa teater, Folkteatern, Bohusläns teater 


I have worked with patina, dyeing and printing in many stage productions. I have also made props and been a dresser backstage during performance. 

The theatre work is very independent. I have had to plan and carry out the work myself, in time and in accordance with the whole set design. The years at various theaters have taught me how to deal with all sorts of people and to plan and work towards an end date - the premiere. 

In 2010 I planned and organized a new patina/print workshop at Folkteatern i Göteborg.


2004 – 2005

Göteborgs Stadsteater


Head of the Patina and Dye department for a season. I learnt communication, with both foreign and Swedish set-and costume designers. I developed my sensibility to color and really became an expert in dyeing.


2002 – 2003

Bohusläns Teater

Head of Costume department for a season. I had to plan the work, keep the budget, and hire extra staff when it was necessary. And of course, make costumes and do the dye and patina.


1989 – 1995

Göteborgs Stadsteater, Angereds Teater, Teater Halland 

Employed per project as seamstress and costume assistant. I learned a lot about different textiles, how to handle them and how to plan the work.




Linköpings Universitet

The Folk High school programme, 60 ECTS

How to teach adults. Subject of the exam writing project: “Creating with one’s knowledge –The Folk High School-teacher profession, focusing on aesthetic learning”



Göteborgs Universitet


Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk

Master of Fine Arts in Design, 255 ECTS:

Product design II, with a textile focus.





Konstfack University

Higher education pedagogy, 7,5 ECTS


Göteborgs Universitet

Visual arts as a way of pedagogy, 15 ECTS


Göteborgs Universitet

Visual arts and pedagogy, 15 ECTS


Various shorter courses

STDH (Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola):

Costume and design 10 days

How to organize and plan at the theatre 15 days

KKV Göteborg:

Textile printing on wool and silk, 20 days.

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